Friday, October 11, 2013

The Sad Truth

I read a story today (how could you not, it was all over social media) about an NFL player's son being in critical condition due to injuries he sustained from his mother's boyfriend. The boy was two. I say was, because he passed away earlier this evening. I think the only question that I continually keep asking, is "why?". What the hell possessed this grown man to beat the living shit out of a defenseless baby? This really hits home for me, as I have an almost 2 year old. He is the same height, same build, same grinning smile as this boy that is in heaven, looking down at the entire nation mourning his loss at this very moment. My heart goes out to his family. Let justice be served on this no good asshole that deserves to be thrown to a pack of vicious lions, in my opinion.
RIP little man, you most certainly will not be forgotten.

Nowadays, people wear their emotions on their sleeve, on their face, they hide nothing. Which is understandable, who wants to hide how they truly feel? What people don't seem to get, is that children need security, they need to know things are going to be okay, they NEED to feel safe and loved. If you can't give that to a child, in a tough situation or not, then you have no business being a parent. Granted, that may make me seem like a hypocrite, as I'm sure I haven't hidden when things were tough or stressful for me. And I regret it. A lot. My boys depend on me to show them stability and give them security and all the love I can offer. They need my discipline to thrive in a world like today's is becoming. Does that mean I beat their asses because they don't listen in the grocery store? Absolutely not. Does that mean there will be consequences like time out, privileges revoked, toys taken away? Absolutely. The reason our world is going to shit is because of our generation. It's funny, a lot of people say the reason that so many kids now are disrespectful, is because they need a good ass whooping. Have you ever thought that maybe the reason the kid was being disrespectful in the first place, was because he wasn't being respected? If you come from a home where disrespect is all there is, how are you supposed to know any different? I was in Wal-Mart the other day, and saw a woman flat out SCREAMING at her son. Mind you, he had to be around 11. Why was she screaming at him? Because she told him to "push the fucking cart you lazy motherfucker," and when he did, she screamed at him to stop and told him, in front of a very busy checkout area that she was going to beat his ass when they got home. For what? Doing exactly what you said? When I was younger, I knew to listen. Not because if I didn't I would get my ass whooped, but because I knew if I didn't listen my mom would be disappointed in me. A child shouldn't go to bed scared they did something wrong because they're going to have the shit beaten out of them. They should go to bed knowing that people make mistakes and we're supposed to move on, take the consequences, learn from them and make a better decision next time. Too many children are being taken advantage of, having the innocence ripped away from them at such a young age. I wish I had more power to stop the abuse in this world. Our children shouldn't suffer like this. It's just not right.  

I'm now going to go hug my kids before I rinse out my hair and go to bed. They may frustrate me to the max some days, but I would never intentionally inflict excessive bodily harm on them simply because I was pissed off. Anyone that thinks that's okay needs to be treated the same way. Just saying. 

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