Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Been So Long

It's been a really long time since I've written, 7 months, actually. So much has changed in just that small chunk of time, it's crazy. First, I got a promotion at work. Customer service associate no more, I'm now a front end supervisor. With the promotion comes stress, and a lot of it at that. But that's alright. The pay raise was nice, and although some days I want to rip all of my hair out and run away screaming, I overall enjoy my job. Mainly the people I'm surrounded by. I'm so fortunate to work with people (well most) that I like being around and enjoy their company. Next, a house is near in my future. The purchase of one. The words are still so foreign to my lips, but I'm so excited for this next step. I was just looking back at the last entry that I wrote, and I wrote a list, mainly of how I was feeling, but also about things I wanted in life. To not worry about money and have a bigger place. Well, the first half has come true, and the second is still in limbo, in a good way. I have never been so at peace with everything in my life. No, life isn't a breeze, but I'm happy with it. Third, in the beginning of this year two of my friends moved away. One of them was accepted into the Disney College Program and went to Florida, and the other (my best friend) relocated to Maryland. Saying "this sucks" is an understatement. Although I'm proud of both of them, I miss them like crazy. Especially my best friend. We barely talk now because of our work schedules and when she's home she doesn't get phone service. :(. She's coming up to visit the middle of next month, though, so we're going to have a girls' night somewhere with yummy food and drinks. Lots of both, preferably. Im excited, super excited. I miss you luff! (If you're reading this). Well that's pretty much it, aside from the boys getting so big. <3.