Friday, October 11, 2013

Good Old HalloThanksWeenChristGivingMas

With the holidays fast approaching, people are rushing out to buy toys and goodies for their kids, putting things on layaway, buying holiday decorations. It's the middle of October, are you serious? What happened to waiting for the anticipation of Halloween and all the great candy? And then moving on to Thanksgiving, a reminder of giving thanks and appreciating all the great things life has to offer us? Nope, now it's Happy HalloThanksWeenChristGivingMas. All thrown into one. School supplies come out in June, Halloween stuff gets put out in July, Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff starts going up in September. Ridiculous. Besides all of that, my point is that the holiday season isn't about material gift giving. It's about spending time with family, giving back to the community. So many more things than getting the hottest new toy that just came out for your child that's going to break it the first day they have it. Companies do their best to market as early as possible, to make as much profit as possible. I find it appalling, and wish I had more power to demand them to knock it off. 

I was told the other day that we were two weeks behind on our Christmas set up. Two weeks?! It wasn't even the beginning of October yet. Seriously? Something's gotta give.

Okay end rant. :)

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